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Although we consider ourselves experts in sod, we offer much more than that. We provide a full line of grass products and professional services to transform your property. Learn more here!

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If you have any questions regarding our green products, please contact us today! For immediate answers to some common questions, visit our frequently asked questions page.

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Providing Beautiful Sod in Houston

For many years, we have proudly provided our customers with top-quality turf grass and other grass products and services to homeowners, landscapers, golf courses, sports arenas, and a number of other businesses. Our customers have come to trust our products not only in Houston but statewide!

Quality-Guaranteed Houston Sod

Because we grow our grass within our own farms, we have the ability to carefully monitor the level of quality that we provide. It is because of this, as well as our relentless commitment to quality control, that we are able to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction with our products and services.

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You will quickly recognize that one of our greatest assets is our people. We invest in our employees to ensure that you have an expert ready to answer any questions you may have. You will find that our staff will approach every call or question with a friendly attitude.

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